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At Freedom City we envision a world where every student is not just meeting but exceeding grade-level expectations in reading and math. We strive to instill confidence in each learner, expose them to a wealth of extra-curricular activities, and inspire them with diverse career opportunities. Our mission is to equip a network of churches, individuals, government agencies, schools, and nonprofit organizations with the tools and knowledge needed to turn this vision into a reality. 

Bring Freedom City to You!

Sign up below to get more information about our plug and play options for your church, government agency, school, or nonprofit organization. 

With our Plug & Play Options, you can:

  • Easily track data

  • Measure the impact of your organization/congregation and the services you deliver 

  • Ensure students' are significantly improving their reading and math skills

  • Receive technical support and general support in engaging with schools

  • Ensure the information you are providing is evidence-based and accurate

  • Receive training and ongoing coaching for your volunteers and staff

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