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Freedom Girls


Freedom Girls

After-School Program

We help girls at F.D. Moon Middle School and John Marshall Middle School (5th-8th grades) find and use their voice to impact their community. During the program, the girls are exposed to different art forms, such as art, dance, music, makeup, and poetry, and then they are challenged to create a community impact project using those art forms. 

We strive to ensure girls know they have the ability to change their community even at a young age. 
The goal of the After-school Program is to help students in Pre-K-8th grades @ Thelma Parks Elementary, Martin Luther King Elementary, and F.D. Moon Middle Schools improve their reading, math, and writing skills. We use project based learning to make learning fun while exposing the students to different careers and extracurricular activities. 

We also use assessments and other evaluation methods to measure the students' growth and provide individualized attention. 
During the school day, Freedom City provides individualized math tutoring to students Pre-K-9th grades to improve their math skills. We serve students at Thelma Parks Elementary School, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, F.D. Moon Middle School, John Marshall Middle School, Millwood Middle School, and Douglass High School. 

Freedom City uses IXL and their own methods to ensure the students thrive.

In-School Math

Awkward Conversations Support Group

Making "the talk" less awkward. 
Our goal is to equip parents/guardians with the tools and resources to effectively communicate with their teens about their values, sex, consent, relationships, and more. 

The group meets for 8 weeks via Zoom.

Stay tuned for the Fall Start Date! 

Lunch Mentoring

Freedom City recruits volunteers to mentor students during lunch to build the students' confidence, expose them to extra-curricular activites, and reduce suspension rates in schools. 

The volunteers utilize customized discussion questions and games to engage the students.

Summer @ FC

The goal of the Summer Program is to engage 1st-8th grade students in fun learning activities to improve their reading, writing, and math skills, while also exposing them to extracurricular activities and careers.

During the program, students are given assessments to monitor their progress and ensure they are learning. The students also attend at least two field trips during the summer.
We help girls find and use their voice to impact their community.

In-School Reading

During the school day, Freedom City provides individualized reading tutoring to students 5th-8th grades to improve their reading skills. Currently, this program is offered to John Marshall Middle School and F.D. Moon Middle School. 
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